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Assignment 3


Assignment 3 Overview

Too Much Technology??

Technology is great!.. but i think there’s a problem when this happens!

The Shareable Futures of Cities

  • How many people does Steffen estimate we will have living in or near cities by mid-century?  – – –

Steffen estimated that there will be over 8 billion people that will live within cities or within a days travel  of a city by mid-centurey

  • Explain how you agree or disagree with Steffen’s point that our energy use is “predestined” rather than “behavioral”

– I agree with Steffen’s idea that energy use is predistined because we eventually are going    to have to use more energy than we have been using and there is no way to escape that.

What correlation does Steffen make between a city’s density and its climate emissions? 

The correlation that Steffen makes between a city density and its climate emissions is that if an area is denser there will be less climate emissions.

  • What are the “eco districts” that Steffen mentions? 

    -Eco districts are areas in cities that create more substainable neighborhoods and allow for less emissions.

How you see these as feasible or unfeasible in a city likeNorfolk?

-This idea would be feasible in an area such as Norfolk espically with the water in the area

  • Explain how you agree or disagree with the “threshold effect” that Steffen discusses related to transportation.

-I agree with the idea of what Steffen is trying to get across however I think it would be difficult and take awhile for the “threshold effect” to take place.

What does Steffen mean by the idea that, “…even space itself is turning into a service…”? Can you provide any examples that you see here in Norfolk or elsewhere?  

-Steffen means that even in the smallest of spaces we should be able to utilize the space for a more substantial area. there are many places in norfolk that i believe could be use for this very purpose.

Describe your understanding of Steffen’s argument that, “…it’s not about the leaves above, but the systems below Trees and other wildlife will never necessarily be a problem. 

-The problem wil lie within the people and the first steps to becoming a better enviornment will begin with the people and how they live.

Finally, overall in what way(s) do you see Steffen’s ideas working / not working here in Norfolk? Spend time with this question! 

 -Norfolk in itself I believe would be a great place to apply these ideas.  Norfolk still has a lot of unoccupied space that could be used to help benefit the enviroment.  There is an ample amount of people that live in the area and implementing these ideas in this area i believe could only be beneficial 

Abstract 1: Technology Overview and Impact

Kaplan, D. (2001). A new state of fear. (cover story). U.S. News & World Report, 131(17), 14.

It is difficult not to live in a state of fear when there is no sure-fire way to prevent any form of violence or mass destruction from happening entirely.  The article “A new state of fear” goes into detail to explain how  after the terrorist attacks of 9-11 there were many new precautions that the nation was taking in order to ensure the publics safety.  One event that the article talked about specifically was when anthrax were being delivered through the United States postal service which threatened the lives of millions.  Now the nation was faced with something that they had never dealt with and had to find new ways and technology to help keep people safe

The article does a good job of explaining how no matter what type of technology or security we may have there is no way of absolutly preventing anything from happening.  However technology plays a crucial  role in preventing a lot of potentially dangerous things from ever happening in the first place.

My Relationship with Technology

Technology has played a very important role in my life.  It keeps me connected with the things that I enjoy to do and I cant imagine a world without technology.  I think people have become so accustumed to technology  that some people might even have withdraws without it!  Technology runs the world that we live in and without it we would probably reinvent the wheel.


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